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Arielle Martinez Photo.jpg

Arielle Martinez

Years in lab: 2018-2021

Current involvement: After graduation, Arielle worked at a pharmacy to learn real-world expectations/experience in the healthcare field. She is currently starting her medical school career at University of Cincinnati.


Aristotle Kayafas

Years in lab:

Current involvement:


Artem Nikolaev

Years in lab:  2019- 2022

Current involvement:  Artem is starting a PhD program in biomedical engineering at SUNY Buffalo. He's is currently in the Andreadis lab, where he is involved particularly in the work with metabolic reprogramming of the senescent myoblasts in progeric mice and in samples from humans in order to reverse muscle senescence. 

Bailey Haynes, Biology, C3a.jpg

Bailey Haynes

Years in lab: 2017-2020

Current involvement: Bailey is beginning her third year at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine.


Emilio Bloch

Years in lab: 2017-2020

Current involvement: Emilio is currently working at the Ohio Department of Health Office as a COVID-19 Program Coordinator. This office is a new part of ODH which focuses on health equity project, where Emilio focuses on COVID-19 strategies, initiatives, and managing projects. In August 2022, Emilio plans to leave for South Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer on HIV health projects. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 10.39.45

Emily Van Zeeland

Years in lab: 2018-2020

Current involvement: Emily is entering her third year in the dual DVM/PhD program at Colorado State University. She is currently working in the Preclinical Surgical Research Lab, where they specialize in in-vivo orthopedic and soft tissue preclinical research. Emily's specific project is focused on elucidating the mechanisms of ligamentous injury response and healing, specifically the anterior cruciate ligament. 


Junfan Chen

Years in lab:

Current involvement:


Lizbeth Montoya-Alvarado

Years in lab:

Current involvement:


Nathan Corbissero

Years in lab: 2019-2020

Current involvement: Currently Nathan is working at Medpace in their Imaging Core Lab as a project manager. This department handles the imaging aspects of clinical trials. Nathan's tasks primarily include processing image files and patient tracking. He has been lucky to go from being in the KDRT lab to work on 7 ophthalmology clinical trials, in which Nathan works with various imaging modalities (OCT, FAF, fluorescein angiography, microperimetry, fundus, etc).

lab pic - Syd Rivera.JPG

Sydni Rivera

Years in lab: 2018-2020

Current involvement: Sydni is currently in medical school at American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine in St. Maarten.


Taylor Lentz

Years in lab: 2017-2020

Current involvement: Taylor worked at NIH for two years, focusing on clinical research. She is currently about to start medical school at the University of Cincinnati.  


Tony Sallese

Years in lab:

Current involvement:


Vayda Barker

Years in lab: 2017-2020

Current involvement: Vayda is starting her third year as a medical student at USF Medical School. 

Zeyu Han_IL6 induces retina regeneration

Zeyu Han

Years in lab:

Current involvement: 

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